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Everyday life has plenty of challenges for those who stand in the spotlight. It is important that these persons can do their work carefree. For this kind of situations it is important that protection is available. Below are some references which have been extensively in the press and in which we have permission to publish it. This is only a small selection.

New Generation Security is available for protection of individuals in situations with increased risk, a high sensitivity or a VIP character. The personal security-team secures protocol matters and special events, business trips or the transport of personalities. We make no use of hiring staff but put own specialists and own resources in place.

Immediate commitment is possible of both the vehicles and the personal protectors, Both are equipped with secure communications systems. New Generation Security personal security teams consist of a combination of international and local employees, with a profile that is sufficient for the task. This makes for excellent flexibility and the ability to operate in different environments of remote areas to somewhere in a town.

New Generation Security can customize its services to the special wishes of the customer and consists of high and low profile protection if the situation demands it.
We can provide:

Security Drivers

If you leave the relative safety of your home-work environment, in practice the risk of irregularities is greater. New Generation Security offers you Security Drivers who all are certified and meet the strictest quality requirements. Our drivers are very well trained in the field of security, personal safety and security techniques, including escape maneuvers, driving skills and push aside maneuvers, slip and anti slip techniques. We can offer international transport to and from any destination in own-managed vehicles. Optionally in combination with for reconnaissance, follow vehicles and/or armored vehicles. Arrival and departure via airports is carried out from or to the gate if desired.


Incidents increasingly occur with high-ranking figures. There are many examples where personal security (in hindsight) should have been in place. The increase of these incidents and the publicity that is given, returns that more and more people to be accompanied by a bodyguard of New Generation Security.

Our personal protectors watch over the safety of a VIP and his environment and grooming:
· location and environment exploration
· transportation of VIP
· personal protection
· contact with local security authorities

A bodyguard has primarily a preventive function and prevents danger or damage. Preventive measures is therefore a large part of the work of a bodyguard. The inspect of environments, enumerate risks in advance and fix safety features on the ground are contributing to the safety of the VIP.

Our personal protectors guarantee that you can move freely without being harassed by pushy people.

Tour Management

Naast de groep evenementen en concert beveiligers beschikken wij over beveiligingsbeambten, die getraind zijn in artiestenbeveiliging en/of begeleiding.

An artist actually wants only one thing and that is to perform. All other issues that entail a action and where the artist must keep themselves busy go often to the detriment of the concentration and the output of the performance.

New Generation Security offers tour managers who can keep up with everything that is "on the road" playing. The tour manager is the spider in the web and ensures that the dressing room is in order, the stage lighting and sound is good, the contact with the customer goes well and any special wishes of the artist concerning hotel accommodation, eating, drinking, etc. are performed. New Generation Security delivers well-educated tour managers with a correct appearance.